Trauma System Agenda for the Future


What is Trauma

What is Trauma Systems

The Vision

Executive Summary


Comprehensive Trauma Care System: Fundamental Components of Trauma Care

Comprehensive Trauma Care System: Key Infrastructure Elements





Post-Hospital Care equately addressed.

The Vision

Long-term care coverage will be available, affordable, and encouraged to help address post-hospital care needs.

Post-hospital care will focus on helping patients achieve greater independence,
a higher degree of functionality, and a faster return to productivity.

Functional recovery will go beyond traditional rehabilitation and include psychological support.

•  Home-based care and monitoring will be used to manage costs and speed recovery, especially in areas lacking access to care.

•  Appropriate support groups will be established and encouraged.

•  Trauma registry data will include post-hospital care and rehabilitation so that the value and cost-effectiveness of the full cycle of trauma care can be more readily assessed.

•  Research concerning the effectiveness of post hospital care will be supported.