Diagram 1 - can best be described as a matrix in the following table order

Diagram 1

Universal EMS body of knowledge, skills, and abilities

(box containing text)
National EMS Core Content
(flows to box below)

5–7-year cycle
(medical function)
Delineation of
provider practice and licensing levels
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National EMS
Scope of Practice Model

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3–5-year cycle
(administrative function)
Replaces the NHTSA National Standard Curricula.
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National EMS
Education Standards

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2–3-year cycle
(educator function)
Standard exam, minimum competency, consumer protection, must graduate from accredited program
National EMS Certification
National EMS
Education Program Accreditation
Single agency accredits education programs

Core Content and Scope of Practice - figure is series of ovals placed on top of one another. to the left of the figure is the text "National EMS Core Content". Smallest oval in figure reads "Provider Level 1", next (larger) oval reads "Provider Level 2 ", next (larger) oval reads "Provider Level 3 ", next (larger) oval reads "Provider Level 4".