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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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XII. Activity

  1. Let's review what we have learned
  2. I'm going to give you a scenario and I want you to say what you would do
  3. Here's how it will work
    1. I will read the scenario
    2. Then we will discuss how the school bus driver should handle the situation
    3. I will write your responses on the flip chart
    4. If certain things need to happen before other things, we'll put them in the correct order
  4. Are there any questions before we start?


XII. This activity involves reading a scenario and discussing the correct way for a school bus driver to handle it. Options for using the scenarios can be found on page 5.

Follow these steps to conduct the activity.

  1. Review the instructions (XII.A-D) with the participants.
  2. Read the scenario slowly.

    NOTE: There are 10 scenarios, covering the various conditions addressed in the module. You will not need to use all of them. If you have presented the entire module, you can choose 5-6 of the scenarios. If you have only presented one section of the module, you can use a scenario that corresponds to that section. You may choose to develop your own scenarios using weather conditions particular to your local area.
  3. Ask participants to say how that scenario should be handled by the school bus driver. In each scenario the school bus is a medium-sized conventional bus equipped with a two-way radio and carrying middle school students.

    NOTE: One alternative would be to first have each participant write down how he or she would handle the situation. Then discuss the scenario as a group. This process ensures that each school bus driver will have had to think about the scenario.
  4. Record the responses on a flip chart.
  5. After all the responses are listed, ask if certain actions need to happen before others. Starting with #1, indicate the order in which the actions should happen.

    NOTE: With each scenario, the correct actions are listed in the order in which they should occur. If the order isn't important, the actions are preceded by a bullet instead of a number.

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