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The Relative Risks of School Travel (.pdf)

Best Practices Guides: Reducing Illegal Passing of School Buses (posted 05-09-02)
Passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing and stop arms extended is a serious and widespread problem. NHTSA sponsored four demonstration programs to illustrate what works and what does not work to solve this problem. This guide provides detailed background information on the nature of the problem; a model program including goals, partners, program activities, and program administration; and a brief description of programs and innovative activities around the country that have addressed the problem of illegally passing school buses.

Choosing the Correct School Bus For Transporting Pre-School Age Children (posted 11/23/2001)
Organizations providing pre-school transportation extend beyond traditional school systems to include childcare and Head Start programs. This publication, for use by anyone responsible for selecting and buying school buses, will help individuals select the type of school bus they need and determine the features and equipment necessary to allow the safe transportation of pre-school passengers.

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Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
All federal motor vehicle safety standards are located in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Volume 49, Part 571. For a brief description of each federal motor vehicle safety standard, click here.

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Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 17: Pupil Transportation Safety
This guideline establishes minimum recommendations for a State highway safety program for pupil transportation safety including the identification, operation, and maintenance of buses used for carrying students, training of passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders; and administration.

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NHTSA Docket
Official public record containing information about proposed and final regulations and related material. All information related to current school bus occupant protection research can be accessed through this Web site.

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School Buses (Traffic Safety Facts) PDF version
This publication contains facts about school bus-related crashes and fatalities.

School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series
This training program provides the training resources pupil transportation managers need to conduct refresher training for school bus drivers. The program addresses nine topics including driver attitude, student management, loading and unloading, highway rail grade crossing safety, transporting inf ants and toddlers, knowing your route, and vehicle training covering proper mirror adjustment, right turns, and backing up, Transportation students with special needs, and Driving under adverse weather conditions. To order this program, click here.

School Bus Safety: Safe Passage for America's Children
Publication providing a brief history of NHTSA's school bus safety program, including behavioral programs and vehicle regulations. It discusses current projects and research underway on school bus occupant protection.

This Could Save Your Child's Life
This booklet, This Could Save Your Child's Life: A School Bus Handrail Handbook, shows how to detect and correct potentially harmful handrails on school buses.

Traffic Safety Digest
A listing of various school bus programs that have been administered across the nation. Learn about project characteristics, state and size of jurisdiction and targeted populations. Brief summaries are provided on problem identification, goals and objectives, strategies and activities, and results. The amount of funding and contact person is also provided.

Traffic Safety Materials Catalog
This on-line catalog allows users to order safety materials via the Web by browsing the Traffic Safety Materials Catalog and placing orders for items using a form.
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