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A colorful game and activities booklet for elementary school children covering bicycle, pedestrian, school bus and passenger car safety issues.

Child Transportation Safety Tips
This compilation of illustrated and reproducible child transportation safety fact sheets discusses a variety of subjects relating to child passenger safety. Included are detailed instructions for correct use of infant seats through boosters as well as tip sheets on pedestrian, bicycle, school bus safety. Available in English and seven other languages.

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Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
All federal motor vehicle safety standards are located in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Volume 49, Part 571. For a brief description of each federal motor vehicle safety standard, click here.

Federal Register Notice of October 26, 1998 on NHTSA's School Bus Research Plan
This Federal Register Notice outlines the school bus occupant protection research NHTSA will be conducting over the next two years and asks for public comment on the planned research.

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Handrails & Drawstrings: clothing causes school bus hazard
This one-sided tip sheet (Tip #13), part of the Child Transportation Safety Tips series, provides information on the dangers of children's clothing and bookbags getting caught in the school bus handrail or door when getting on or off a school bus.

Guideline For The Safe Transportation Of Pre-School Age Children In School Buses
NHTSA recommends pre-school age children transported in school buses always be transported in properly secured Child Safety Restraint Systems (CSRSs). This guideline will help school and child care transportation officials develop and implement policies and procedures for the use of CSRSs on school buses.

Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 17: Pupil Transportation Safety
This guideline establishes minimum recommendations for a State highway safety program for pupil transportation safety including the identification, operation, and maintenance of buses used for carrying students, training of passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders; and administration.

Highway Special Investigation Report: Pupil Transportation In Vehicles Not Meeting
Federal Schoolbus Standards

This report, published by the National Transportation Safety Board, contains findings of a special investigation conducted as a result of four fatal crashes involving nonconforming buses used to transport children.

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Kids, The School Bus, and You
This six-panel brochure provides parents, children, and motorists helpful lifesaving tips to make traveling to and from the school bus stop and in school buses safer for everyone. This brochure is also available in Spanish.

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National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT)
An organization of pupil transportation professionals dedicated to promoting safety and enhancing efficiency in pupil transportation.

National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS)
Established to provide leadership, assistance, and motivation to the Nation's school transportation industry with the goal of providing safe, efficient, economical, and high-quality transportation to school children on their trips to and from school and school-related activities.

National School Transportation Association (NSTA)
A national organization serving as the trade organization for school bus contractors which are companies that own and operate school buses and contract with school districts to provide pupil transportation service.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent Federal agency dedicated to promoting aviation, railroad, highway, marine, pipeline, and hazardous materials safety. The Safety Board investigates transportation crashes to determine the cause of the incident and issue recommendations of actions needed to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Safety Board makes public its actions and decisions through accident reports, safety studies, special investigation reports, safety recommendations, and statistical reviews.

NHTSA Docket
Official public record containing information about proposed and final regulations and related material. All information related to current school bus occupant protection research can be accessed through this Web site.

NHTSA Interpretation File
An interpretation letter issued by NHTSA's Office of Chief Counsel regarding the use of 12-15 passenger vans by child day care providers. It addresses questions focusing on federal motor vehicle safety regulations relating to the sale and lease of school buses.

Number of Persons That Can Safely Sit on a School Bus Seat
Federal regulation does not specify the number of persons that can sit on a school bus seat. The school bus manufacturers determine the maximum seating capacity of a school bus. This document contains NHTSA's recommendation that all passengers be seated entirely within the confines of the school bus seat while the bus is in motion, and explains why.

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Pupil Transportation Safety Institute
A national education resource to the transportation industry. Training programs and consultant services are offered.

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Safety Countermeasures Newsletter Winter 2000 (04-01-00)

School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series
This training program provides the training resources pupil transportation managers need to conduct refresher training for school bus drivers. The program addresses seven topics including driver attitude, student management, loading and unloading, highway rail grade crossing safety, transporting inf ants and toddlers, knowing your route, and vehicle training covering proper mirror adjustment, right turns, and backing up. To order this program, click here.

School Buses (Traffic Safety Facts)
This publication contains facts about school bus-related crashes and fatalities.

School Bus Fleet
A national magazine and Web site addressing school bus and pupil transportation safety topics.

School Bus Information Council
Established by the National Association for Pupil Transportation and the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services to provide up-to-date statistics and other information about all aspects of pupil transportation.

School Bus Safety Day
As part of "National Child Passenger Safety Week," NHTSA put together an activities guide for school bus safety. This guide was originally used in 1997; however, many of the strategies can still be used today.

School Bus Safety (Kids Page)
Children can learn about the many special features of a school bus, and how it keeps them safe traveling to and from school, on this interactive Web site.

School Bus Stops: A risky part of the ride
This double-sided tip sheet (Tip #12), part of the Child Transportation Safety Tips series, provides information on the risk associated with students waiting for the school bus and entering and exiting the bus. It also explains laws requiring motorists to stop for school buses and their importance.

School Transportation News
A national magazine and Web site addressing school bus and pupil transportation safety topics.

Seatbelts On School Buses
Paper providing a brief discussion on why seat belts are not required to be on large school buses. A description of the occupant protection system required on school buses, "compartmentalization", is included.

Traffic Safety Digest
A listing of various school bus programs that have been administered across the nation. Learn about project characteristics, state and size of jurisdiction and targeted populations. Brief summaries are provided on problem identification, goals and objectives, strategies and activities, and results. The amount of funding and contact person is also provided.

Use Of Nonconforming Vehicles For School Transportation
This publication discusses the Federal requirements that regulate the manufacture and original sale or lease of new vehicles that carry 11 or more persons that are sold for transporting students to or from school or school-related events.

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Walk Ride Walk: Getting to School Safety Program
Informational brochure on the Walk - Ride - Walk school bus safety training program for children grade K-6. The program includes materials for parents, students, school bus drivers, and teachers. The kit is available for purchase from the National Safety Council. Call 1-800-621-7619 or click here - http://www.nsc.org/product/ddc/walkrw.htm