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Choosing the Correct School Bus
For Transporting Pre-School Age Children
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Undercarriage storage area You will need to securely store your CSRSs on the school bus when they are not in use. If you leave them on the bus seat, they must be secured so they do not fly around in the event of a crash or sudden driving maneuver. Leaving empty CSRSs on school bus seats is often not an option however, because the seats are needed for other passengers. If you must store CSRSs on the bus, but not secured to the school bus seat, you may want to order the bus with undercarriage storage areas. These exterior storage spaces are not available on all school buses and, when available, may offer limited storage space, which may not be adequate if you need to store a large number of CSRS. In such cases, your only option then is to store the CSRS off the bus.