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When belts are too long...

Incorrect Usage

  • Adding knots to shorten length of belt is unacceptable

  • You may twist the belt 1-3 times to shorten it when using the belt to secure a CSRS.

  • Twisting could never make this belt short enough to use.
Incorrect Usage

  • Forces the buckle to rest on the child safety seat's frame not allowing the lap belt to remain tight
Correct Usage

  • When the lap belt is the right length, the buckle rests off the child safety seat frame allowing the lap belt to remain tight

Retrofitted lap belts

Incorrect Usage Retrofittled Lap Belts

  • Incorrect installation

  • One belt for multiple seating positions

  • Improper attachment to seat frame

  • Not "lap belt ready" reinforced seat frame

Child safety restraint systems:Chart and Checklist Children to at least 1 year of age and 20 lbs. Children over 20 lbs. and 1 year of age
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