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Integrated Seat Manufactured by (CE White)

Correct Usage Integrated (CE White) Seat

  • All belts are snug

  • Correct positioning of retainer clip

  • Harness straps above shoulders

Incorrect Usage Integrated (CE White) Seat

  • Straps are too loose

  • Retainer clip too low

Safety Vests

Picture of a girl in a school bus with a safety vest.

WARNING!  This restraint must only be used on school bus seats.  Entire seat directly behind the child in the seat-mounted vest must be unoccupied or have restrained occupants.


  • Can be used with a lap belt and a strap (cam-wrap) that wraps around the back of the seat to which the shoulder harness straps are hooked 
  • Can also be used if no lap belt is present, in which case the vest is attached to the cam-wrap at the hips and shoulders
  • Use according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Vest must be sized to child
  • Must be secured at shoulder and hips 

Child safety restraint systems: Chart & Checklist Children to at least 1 year of age and 20 lbs. Children over 20 lbs. and 1 year of age
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