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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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I. Introduction

  1. Your job as a school bus driver is a demanding one
    1. You have to drive a large vehicle in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions
    2. You have to manage the students on the bus
    3. You have to contend with the other drivers on the road
    4. And you have to work with parents and teachers and school officials and each other
  2. But the greatest challenge you have is getting your students on and off the bus safely
  3. Loading and unloading is the most dangerous time for a school bus driver and for students
    1. On average, each year 33 school-age children die in school bus-related crashes
    2. Nearly two-thirds of school-age children (about 26) killed in school bus-related crashes each year are killed outside the bus
      1. And, two-thirds of that 23 (about 15) are killed by school buses
    3. Half of all school-age pedestrians killed in school bus-related crashes are 5-7 years old
    4. The principal point of impact is the front of the bus
  4. And most are killed during the day in clear weather
  5. That's pretty scary
  6. In most cases, students are killed or injured by their own bus
  7. And, not only is the driver legally responsible, but he or she will have to live with that experience for a lifetime
  8. Today we are going to talk about
    1. The danger zones
    2. How to get students on and off a school bus safely
    3. Proper loading and unloading procedures
    4. The post-trip inspection

I. - Distribute agenda

I.C. - Display Slide #1

I.H. - Display Slide #2


NOTE: Where it is appropriate, add information about your policies and procedures for students with special needs.

I. You may want to distribute the agenda as participants enter the training area.

I.H. Optional: At this point, you might want to show the film When They're Not on the Bus They're Pedestrians. It provides a good overview of loading and unloading issues. Running time is 8:50. The film is included in this curriculum package.

Review the film before teaching the session. Identify procedures that are different from yours and point them out before showing the film.

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