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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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VI. Practice Session

  1. Let me explain what you will be doing during the practice session
  2. With each bus you need to do the following
    1. Adjust the mirrors correctly
    2. Back the bus into a designated space
    3. Make a right turn
  3. There are 3 stations set up in the practice area
    1. The first thing you must do is adjust your mirrors
  4. So the first station is Mirror Adjustment
    1. In this practice, you and the monitor will place cones around the bus using the diagram on this handout
    2. Then you will sit in the driver's seat and the monitor will adjust the mirrors so that you can see all the cones, either with the naked eye or in the mirrors
    3. If you have an older bus, you may have trouble getting your mirrors adjusted to see the cones
    4. If you have any questions, ask the station monitor
    5. After you have correctly adjusted the mirrors, you should complete the backing and turning practice
  5. At the second station, you will back the bus into a designated spot
    1. The spot has been roped off
    2. It is 12 feet wide
    3. You will back into this spot
    4. When you are done backing, the bus should be 18-24 inches from the rear barrier and should be centered in the stall
  6. At the third station, you will make a sharp right turn
    1. You must properly prepare for and execute a right hand turn without touching the curb or excessively encroaching on the adjacent traffic lanes
    2. Remember the steps on the turning handout
    3. There is an arc marked on the pavement that your rear wheel should pass through
  7. Are there any questions about the practice session?

VI.D. Distribute Handout #4

VI.E. Distribute Handout #5

VI.F. Distribute Handout #6


VI. If you are not holding the practice session now, review the practice session schedule.

While you may not hold the practice session at the same time as the classroom session, be sure to take the time now to explain what will occur in the practice session.

VI.C. Participants should practice these three things on every type of vehicle they are likely to drive. You will have to determine for each driver what vehicles he/she should practice on and you will need to tell each driver your expectations before you go to the practice area.

VI.D. Point out (or introduce) to the participants the people who will be monitoring each station.

VI.D. Distribute Handout #4, Practice Session - Station #1, Mirror Adjustment.

VI.D.3. Tell participants what to do if they can't get their mirrors adjusted. Some buses may need to have mirrors added or brackets changed. You should have a procedure in place to deal with this.

VI.E. Distribute Handout #5, Practice Session - Station #2, Backing the Bus.

VI.F. Distribute Handout #6, Practice Session - Station #3, Making a Right Turn.

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