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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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I. Introduction

  1. Today we are going to talk about student management
  2. When we are done today, you will be able to
    1. Explain the importance of keeping control of student behavior on the bus
    2. State the standards for behavior in our school district
    3. Describe the situations that put school bus drivers most at risk
    4. Describe ways to maintain acceptable student behavior on the bus
  3. Let me start with a question
    1. What is the most difficult situation you have ever experienced on a school bus or have heard about someone else having to deal with?

      (Generate list.)

  4. The school bus driver has several jobs
    1. To operate the bus safely
    2. To not be distracted
    3. To protect the students from harm
  5. That is a lot of responsibility
  6. It is up to you to be in charge of the bus and the students
  7. You cannot operate a bus safely if you are having to worry about disciplining the students

I. - Distribute agenda

I.C. - Write on flipchart

I.D. - Display Slide #1


NOTE: Where it is appropriate, add information about your policies and procedures for students with special needs.

I. You may want to distribute the agenda as participants enter the training area.

I.C. Ask the group the question. For your benefit, the correct action (or answer) is provided in italics. This format will be used throughout the module. Record the responses of the group. It is best to limit the list to 3-5 of the most difficult situations. You will go back to the list at the end of the session. Post the list when it is complete.

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