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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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Time: 1 hour plus practice session

Description: Drivers need guidance on how to deal with child safety restraint systems (CSRSs). The safest way to transport a young child is in a CSRS. These include portable child safety seats, integrated (built-in) child safety seats, and other devices such as safety restraint vests. This curriculum focuses on the use and installation of child safety seats (CSS). Drivers need to know how to properly install a CSS on the bus and a child in a CSS. At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  1. State the local school district's policy on the need for and the use of CSSs
  2. Describe how a school bus must be equipped to use a CSS
  3. Install a CSS properly and install a child properly in a CSS
  4. Take action if a CSS cannot be installed.

  • Are You Using It Right? brochure
  • Child Transportation Safety Tips:
    Quick Safety Seat Checkup
    Where Should Your Child Ride?
    How to Protect Your New Baby in the Car
    What Safety Seat to Use for a Big Baby or Toddler?
    How Should Preschool and School Children Ride Safely?
    Is Your Safety Seat Secure in the Car?
    Harness Straps: Your Child's Link to Safety
    What Are Safety Seat Recalls?
    Air Bag Safety: Buckle Up Everyone! Children in Back!
  • Could be presented with:
    Student Management
    Loading and Unloading

    What the Pupil Transportation Supervisor Can Do

    • When ordering new school buses, consider ordering seat belts on some seats to accommodate child safety seats. Also order seats with the maximum spacing allowed (24 inches) to help accommodate child safety seats.
    • Have child safety seats available to use as needed. This presumes that the school bus will have seat belts. You may choose to only use small buses since they are required to be equipped with seat belts. Another alternative is to purchase some school bus seats with built-in child safety seats.
    • Train drivers on the correct installation of the child safety seat. Make sure that someone knowledgeable is available for last-minute installations.
    • Establish a policy about transporting infants and toddlers including procedures for drivers to follow if a child restraint system is not available.
    • Whenever possible, schedule pre-school children to ride on small school buses with seat belts available to use to attach child restraint systems.
    • Establish a policy on whose child safety seat should be used. If the parent provides the child safety seat, there is no way to know if it is safe. If the transportation provider purchases a new seat, registers it for recall, and tracks its use and crash experience, liability risks are reduced.

    Additional Resources

    1. Preschool Transportation Project. Sponsored by the Washington State Governor's Highway Safety Office. Babes in the Woods: Preschoolers on the School Bus presentation. Contact Nancy Cleves, Coordinator, Safety Restraint Coalition, 917 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, WA 98033, (425) 828-8975.
    2. Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Referral to a national listing of child safety seat experts who can help in selecting and properly installing child safety seats in school buses. Experts can also train drivers on how to properly secure a child in a child safety seat. AAA National Office, MS76, 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, FL 32746-5063, (407)444-7960.
    3. Child Transportation Safety Tips. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 7th Street, NTS-15, SW, Washington, DC 20590,, (202) 366-1739. Note: A copy of each is included in the curriculum.
    4. 1995 National Standards for School Transportation. Contains standards for school buses and their operation including the transportation of infants, toddlers, and pre-school children. Available from Missouri Safety Center, Central Missouri State University, Humphreys Suite 201, Warrensburg, MO 64093, (816) 543-4830.
    5. All Safe in Their Seats (21 minutes, 1996). For people who transport small children in child restraints, wheelchairs, and/or special medical equipment. Covers how to properly and safely install child restraints and properly secure a wheelchair for transportation. Strategies Training Systems, 15914 232nd Ave. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072, (800) 600-5636,

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