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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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Time: 50 minutes

Description: The driver sets the stage for how things will go on the school bus and throughout the students' day. Safety starts with the driver and a driver's attitude predicts how the students will behave; a driver's “baggage” shouldn't get carried on to the school bus. Drivers also need to pay attention to other drivers and their attitude changes and know what to do to get help. At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  1. State the impact the drivers' attitude has on the way they drive and handle the bus, how the students behave, and how the drivers feel about the job.
  2. Describe what they need to do to reduce stress on the job.

Handout: #1 Tips for Maintaining a Good Driver Attitude

Could be presented with: Student Management

What the Pupil Transportation Supervisor Can Do

  • Spend time with your drivers so you can recognize changes in attitude, health, etc.
  • Hold short (5-10 minute) “roll call” trainings or pep talks.
  • Ask veteran drivers to mentor new drivers.
  • Hold a safety meeting once a month. (For large districts, break into small groups.) Encourage drivers to talk about concerns. Listen carefully to what they say. This lets drivers feel that they are getting some individual attention. Meetings in small districts are especially important, since drivers often take their buses home and don't get together on a daily basis.
  • Let drivers know when you (or another supervisor) are available for one-on-one conversations. Some concerns may not be appropriate to discuss in a group.
  • Distribute the Personal Pre-Trip Inspection (see Handout #1) on a wallet-size card to all drivers.

Additional Resources

  1. The Attitude Factor (22 minutes, 1980). This videotape shows drivers how to recognize their attitudes, change them, control them, and, most important, how to ensure that their attitudes don't affect their safe driving. To rent: Madison/Oneida B.O.C.E.S., 4937 Spring Rd., P.O. Box 168, Verona, NY 13478-0168, (315) 361-5665 or (fax) (315) 361-595. $10 for 20 days.

  2. Driver Attitude: Its Effect on Student Ridership, presentation by Bill Hoosty, Senior Consultant, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute
    (see General Resources).

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