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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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School buses are the safest mode of ground transportation, yet every year there are school bus-related injuries and even fatalities. School bus drivers want to safely transport their passengers. And you, their supervisor, want to ensure that school bus drivers have all the information and skills they need to do the job correctly. The School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series gives you tools to make sure that your school bus drivers are as competent as possible. Though this training program is produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when and how it is used will be determined solely by pupil transportation providers.

The Series provides refresher training on seven important topics frequently requested by school bus drivers and pupil transportation supervisors. This is not intended to be training for new school bus drivers. Rather the Series provides a review of some of the most important aspects of driving a school bus.

The topics are designed to be presented independently, although some may work well if offered together. For each topic, there is a detailed instructor guide and, when appropriate, handouts and overhead slides. Some topics have practice sessions. Suggested presentation times range from 50 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, or longer depending on current issues and local needs. Practice sessions may extend the presentation time.

The seven topics are:

  1. Driver Attitude (50 minutes)
  2. Student Management (1 hour)
  3. Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety (1 hour 15 minutes)
  4. Vehicle Training (1 hour 30 minutes plus 20-30 minutes practice per vehicle per participant)
  5. Knowing Your Route (50 minutes)
  6. Loading and Unloading (1 hour 15 minutes without the 9-minute film)
  7. Transporting Infants and Toddlers (1 hour plus practice session).

In addition to the instructor guides for each of the topics, the School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series includes a specific Administrator Guide that provides an overview of the content and structure of each of the modules, details about the layout of the materials and the presentation methods used, and a review of classroom presentation skills.

However, this booklet is just for you, the pupil transportation supervisor. It will help you to make the best use of the Series. For each topic, the booklet describes what you can do to enhance the topic presented and provides additional resources about the topic. Your support of the Series is critical if your school bus drivers are to have the best skills possible. This booklet gives you the means to provide that support.

NOTE: School bus drivers will hereafter be referred to only as drivers.

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