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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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Series Materials

The School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series includes these materials:

  • A booklet for supervisors, For Pupil Transportation Supervisors: A Guide to the School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series
  • An instructor guide that includes the following:
    • Administrator Guide
    • Curriculum
    • Participant handouts
  • A disk containing all of the handouts.
  • A folder containing all of the overhead slides.
  • Two videotapes for the module, Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety. You will choose one of the videotapes to show during the module.
  • A videotape for the module, Loading and Unloading.

Purpose of Booklet

This booklet is just for the pupil transportation supervisor. It will help the supervisor make the best use of the Series. For each topic, the booklet describes what the supervisor can do to enhance the topic presented and provides additional resources about the topic. The supervisor's support of the Series is critical if school bus drivers are to have the best skills possible. This booklet gives the means to provide that support.

Curriculum Design

The first page presents an overview of the workshop: length, learning objectives, main topics, and materials needed to facilitate the module. If there is a practice session with the module, instructions can be found right after this overview page. The design of the curriculum is a two-page, easy-to-use format. It may help to turn to one of the sections as you read this description.

Left page

The left page has two columns: Lesson Plan and Instructor Notes.

In the Lesson Plan column, the content is presented in outline form. The outline is detailed and complete. Suggested questions are included in the lesson plan. Possible answers are given in italics following the question.

In the Instructor Notes column, the notations indicate what action should be taken.

  • Display Slide #______
  • Write on flipchart
  • Distribute Handout #______
  • Show videotape

This column can be used to write down helpful words or key phrases.

Right page

The right page will be useful to you as you prepare to present the Series. This page includes additional detail about the content on the left page. The right page also provides explanations and directions for practice sessions and possible answers to questions.

Notice that the right page mirrors the left page. They both have the same page number. At times, the right page is blank because no additional detail is needed.

Use the right page to add your own anecdotes and examples or details that you want to include in your presentation.

Participant Materials

There is a no separate participant manual for this series. There are handouts with most of the modules. The instructor is responsible for making one copy of each handout for each participant. The handouts are also included on disk in Microsoft PowerPoint 6.0.

Overhead Slides

Black and white paper copies of the overhead slides are included in a separate folder. Each slide is labeled with the name of the module. Each slide also has a number indicating the order in which it is used in the module. The numbers are displayed in the Instructor Notes where the slide should be shown. Make copies on overhead acetates to use during the workshop.

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