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Kids, the School Bus and YouKids, the School Bus and You

This six-panel brochure provides parents, children, and motorists with helpful lifesaving tips to make traveling to and from the school bus stop (and in school buses) safer for everyone. This brochure is also available in Spanish. (Engligh: July 1996, DOT HS 808 423, Item #6P0084; Spanish: April 1999, DOT HS 808 423A, Item #6P0142)

School Bus safety: Safe Passge for America's ChildrenSchool Bus Safety: Safe Passage for America's Children

This booklet provides a brief history of NHTSA's school bus safety program. It includes behavioral programs and vehicle regulations and discusses current projects including the research underway on school bus occupant protection. (August 1998, DOT HS 808 755, Item #6P0126)

Walk Ride walk: Getting to school safelyWalk Ride Walk: Getting to School Safely

This kit is a comprehensive school bus safety training program for children grade K-6. The program includes everything needed to teach school bus safety to elementary children. It also contains support materials for parents and school bus drivers. The kit is available for purchase from the National Safety Council. Call 1-800-621-7619 or order at

Proper Use of Child safety Restraint Systems in School BusesProper Use of Child Safety Restraint Systems in School

This brochure is for all child care and child transportation professionals who transport pre-school age children in school buses. It illustrates the proper use of child safety restraint systems in school buses. It shows some of the common mistakes made when installing a safety restraint in a school bus. (DOT HS 809 025)

Choosing the Correct School Bus for Transporting Pre-School Age Children

This publication provides advice for child care and child transportation professionals to assist in the purchase of new school buses that will be used to transport pre-school aged children. The publication identifies "vehicle" issues related to the use of child safety restraints and discusses how problems can be avoided by ordering the right equipment. (Anticipated release date is January 2001) (DOT HS 809 052)

School Bus Driver In Service Safety SeriesSchool Bus Driver In Service Safety Series

This training program provides the resources pupil transportation managers need to conduct refresher training for school bus drivers. The program addresses seven topics including driver attitude, student management, loading and unloading, highway rail grade crossing safety, transporting infants and toddlers, knowing your route, and vehicle training covering proper mirror adjustment, right turns, and backing up. (1998, DOT HS 808 780, Item #6P0133)

School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series - Additional Training Modules

These two supplements address the safety issues of driving under adverse weather conditions and transporting students with special needs. The training package, suitable for anyone who conducts refresher training for experienced school bus drivers, will contain a teacher's curriculum, student handouts and course slides. The anticipated release date for these modules is November 2000. Fax your request to 202-366-7721 and be sure to specify the name of the publication.

Railroad Crossing Quiet ZoneNational School Bus Safety Week Poster

This poster is the winning poster, to be distributed nationally, for National School Bus Safety Week. It depicts the theme, Railroad Crossing - Quiet Zone, to impress upon students the need for bus drivers to not only look for trains at grade crossings, but to be able to hear if a train is coming. A maximum of 50 posters are available upon written request. Include number of posters requested, and a street address for shipping, and mail to NSTA, 625 Slaters Lane, Suite 205, Alexandria, VA 22314.

The Responsibility is OursThe Respons-
ibility is Ours

This program is directed at professional school bus drivers and substitute drivers to make them aware of the potential dangers that exist at highway-rail crossings, and the steps to take to ensure the safety of students as well as themselves. The education kit contains an instructor's guide, student notes, safety quiz, and VHS video. Available from Operation Lifesaver, Inc., 1420 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, Phone: (800) 537-6224,

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