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In-Service Safety Series
In-Service Safety Series
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I. Your Role As a
School Bus Driver

  1. Let me tell you about 2 school bus drivers I know, Tom and Harry
    1. Tom left his house late one morning because a pipe had sprung a leak and he had to call the plumber

      a. He got to the bus lot just before he had to pull out

      b. He did a quick pre-trip inspection and didn't notice that his left rear turn-signal lamp was out

      c. He was late getting to his first stop because a storm the night before had knocked out a traffic light

      d. At his fourth stop, a parent wanted to talk to him about the boys who seemed to be picking on her daughter on the bus

      e. At his seventh stop, a second- grade boy (who is always a handful) dropped an art project that blew under the bus

      (1) Then the boy tried to get the art project without telling Tom what he was doing

      f. As Tom was waiting to turn left into school (and still shaking from the incident with the second grader), people behind him started honking and passing on the right

      (1) They didn't know he was turning since his lamp was out
    2. Meanwhile, Harry got to the lot early

      a. He got a cup of coffee

      b. He looked over the bulletin board and jotted down the date of an upcoming drivers' meeting

      c. He visited with some of the other bus drivers

      d. He did a thorough pre-trip inspection and noticed a soft tire

      (1) He had some air put in the tire and let maintenance know they would have to fix it later

      e. Once he had started his route, he noticed that the construction had been completed on the old narrow bridge and that there was now plenty of room for the bus to cross

      f. At his fifth stop, the seventh grader who is usually still at her front door when the bus arrives (and comes running across two people's yards with papers flying) was actually waiting at the bus stop

      g. She then got on the bus and talked quietly with her friends for the rest of the ride

      h. As he was entering Route 73 (always a busy road), a motorist slowed down to let him merge in

      i. When he arrived at school, the assistant principal was there to help with unloading

    3. So, who do you think had the safer trip this morning — Tom or Harry?


    4. Right
  2. Your job as a bus driver is to safely transport kids from one place to another
    1. And safety starts with you
    2. Your attitude sets the stage

      a. For how you drive

      b. For how you feel about your job

      c. For how the students and parents respond

      (1) To you and to other school personnel

      d. For what kind of day your students have

    3. After all, who is the first school person to greet a student each day?
    4. Don't forget that your attitude rubs off on others too
    5. You need to have a positive attitude if you want to be a safe and successful school bus driver
  3. At the end of this module, you will be able to
    1. Explain the stresses of a school bus driver
    2. State how to handle them
  4. Before we start, I'd like to ask you a question
    1. Do you like the students you drive?
      (Conduct discussion.)
    2. The bottom line is that you must like the students and you must like your job
    3. First and foremost, you have to have a positive attitude about the students

      a. You don't have to “love” every student who rides your bus but you should like working and being with the students

      b. If you don't, you will find it hard to keep a good attitude about being a school bus driver

I. - Distribute agenda

I.B.2 - Display Slide #1

I.B.4 - Display Slide #2

I.C - Display Slide #3

I.D.2 - Display Slide #4


I. You may want to distribute the agenda as participants enter the training area.

I.A. You might want to substitute details that will make these stories more applicable to your local area, e.g., change the route number in Harry's story or add the name of a school in Tom's story.

I.A.3. Ask the question. For your benefit, the correct answer is provided in italics. This format will be used throughout the module.

I.D. This should be a brief discussion. It is really a yes or no question. Keep the discussion focused on whether the school bus drivers like the students. Some drivers may want to talk about how the kids have changed, how bad they are, or how student discipline has changed. Keep bringing the discussion back to whether they like the students they drive. Hopefully, they will all say “yes.”

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