Illegal Passing: Real–Life Successes

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Community Programs

Clearwater (Florida) Police Department


The Clearwater (Florida) Police Department program was one of NHTSA's four demonstration projects. Its goal was to combine enforcement and education efforts on the local level to reduce stop-arm violations. The partners in this program were:

   • Clearwater Police Department

   • School Board's transportation department

   • Community Traffic Safety Team 

   • County chapter of National Safety Council 

   • Drive Smart Tampa Bay Traffic Safety Alliance

   • Neighborhood Watch

   • Florida Department of Safety

   • Local media.

Enforcement Activities

   • Patrol officers worked overtime with traffic officers during school transportation hours to conduct speed enforcement and stop-arm compliance operations near bus stops and school zones.

   • The police department promoted its traffic complaint tipline to report illegal passing of stopped school buses. 

Education/Awareness Activities

For school bus drivers

   • Supervisors were briefed on encouraging drivers to take the time to make reports.

   • Drivers were briefed on what to report.

   • Those drivers with the most reports were recognized with a special coffee mug with the school bus program logo on it, pens, key chains, and a certificate.

Best Practices Guide: Reducing the Illegal Passing of School Buses