Illegal Passing: Real–Life Successes

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Illegal Passing: 
Real–Life Successes

A number of communities have taken on the challenge of reducing the incidence of stop–arm violations. They have approached the problem in various ways. This section looks at some of those programs' experiences. The hope is that reading about the trials and successes of others will give you food for thought as you develop or expand your program.

Each program description includes five sections:

   • Description/Activities

   • Noteworthy Aspects

   • Lessons Learned/Successes

   • Future Plans

   • Contact Information

The following programs are described

Statewide Programs

   1. Connecticut Operation Safe Stop

   2. Florida Department of Education

   3. New York Operation Safe Stop

   4. Pennsylvania Operation Safe Stop

   5. Tennessee Department of Safety

Community Programs

   1. Clearwater (Florida) Police Department

   2. Fayette County (Indiana) School Corporation

   3. North Carolina Operation Stop Arm (Onslow, New Hanover, and Pender Counties)

   4. Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Police Department

   5. Pulaski County (Arkansas)

   6. Teton County (Wyoming) School District 1

   7. Will County (Illinois) Operation S.A.V.E.


Best Practices Guide: Reducing the Illegal Passing of School Buses