Illegal Passing: A Model Solution

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How will we set it up?

Knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it is not enough. There must be a structure for organizing and administering your program, no matter how limited or how extensive your plans.

Find your partners.

A list of potential partners was given earlier. Use it to stimulate ideas about possible partners in your area. Include a wide range of partners in order to 
make the program the most effective. Not all the partners will need to carry the same weight. But having a more extensive base gives you a larger network to reach with your message and a greater number of people to share the load. Reach out to potential partners at state conferences and through your press/media conferences.

The primary partners in a stop–arm compliance effort are school transportation services, law enforcement, SAFE KIDS or Safe Communities coalition (if in the area), and the media. You need to get early buy–in from these primary partners if your efforts are to succeed. 

Remember that many potential partners (even primary ones) may be unaware of the extent of the problem and they may need information to raise their awareness (this could include law enforcement and other members of the criminal justice system). Other potential partners may be aware of the extent of the problem but need information about what they can do to address 
the problem.


Keep your program simple and the time requirements minimal.

Tell your partners what you need from them. Remember that many partners, especially those in the public sector, will not be able to contribute money. However, they should be able to help you with:

   • In-kind contributions (e.g., printing your materials, publicity about your program or your message, a location or refreshments for an event) 
   • Some time
   • Support (by giving you access to their networks).

Make specific requests of individual partners. This helps everybody know where they stand. For example, ask the pupil transportation and school bus contractors associations to distribute your materials to each of their members or ask a local insurance company to print refrigerator magnets that you can hand out at the state fair.

Best Practices Guide: Reducing the Illegal Passing of School Buses