Illegal Passing: The Problem

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What will we do?

A successful comprehensive effort to reduce stop-arm violations must be two-pronged involving Education/Awareness and Enforcement. To involve just one without the other would be a frustrating waste of time with little return.

Goal #1: Education and Awareness

Every player in the process can benefit from additional information. Your goal is to both raise awareness of the need for compliance with the law as well as educate about the contents of the law. You want to educate:

   School bus drivers in proper stopping procedures as well as the law

   School bus passengers in how to enter and exit the bus safely

   Motorists on the law and the dangers of not obeying the law (e.g., citation, fine, 
points on their license, student injury)

Remember that your ultimate aim is to change behavior. Provide the information in a way that gets people's attention but doesn't offend them or make them unwilling to listen.

Goal #2: Enforcement

Increasing enforcement of your illegal passing law is a critical goal. How vigorously you can pursue this goal will depend on the law enforcement commitment and resources in your community. Studies have shown that, without the threat of enforcement and without the public actually seeing or hearing about the law being enforced (this includes prosecution and conviction), your program will have little, if any, impact.



Best Practices Guide: Reducing the Illegal Passing of School Buses