Social Norms Campaign Strategy - Final Report


Figure 1: Actual Gender Norms versus Young Adult Perceptions of Gender Norms

Figure 2: Western Counties Selected for Experimental Intensive Media Intervention

Figure 3: MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving Campaign Posters

Figure 4: Intervention, Buffer and Control Counties

Figure 5: Percent Recalling Social Norms Message About Drinking as the Main Message

Figure 6: Percent Recalling Any Social Norms Message About Drinking in Last 12 Months (including prompting with examples if no voluntary recall)

Figure 7: Percent Thinking the Average Montanan Their Age Has Driven Within One Hour of Consuming Two or More Drinks in the Past Month

Figure 8: Percent Perceiving Majority of Same Age Montanans Almost Always Have a Designated Non-Drinking Driver with Them When Drinking and Will Be Riding in a Car Later

Figure 9: Percent Driving After Having Two or More Drinks Within the Hour in Past Month

Figure 10: Percent Reporting They Always Make Sure They Have a Designated Non-Drinking Driver Before They Consume Alcohol if They Will Be Riding in a Car Later

Figure 11: Percent Supporting Changing BAC Legal Limit for Driving to .08-percent


Table 1: Percent of 18-to-24-year-old Montanans Who Reported Driving After Last Time Drinking by Main Type of Media Prevention Message Recalled

Table 2: Demographic Characteristics of Statewide Telephone Samples

Table 3: MOST of Us Media Activities

Table 4: Significance Tests for the Intervention/Control County Differences in the Item Change of Proportions Between November 2001 and June 2003