Social Norms Campaign Strategy - Final Report

Technical Report Documentation Page
List of Figures and Tables
Executive Summary

I. Introduction and Background

II. A New Approach to Prevention

The Social Norms Approach to Prevention
Perceptions and Social Norms
Misperceptions of Actual Norms: The Hidden Risk Factor
Causes of Misperceptions
Consequences of Misperceptions
The Science of the Positive versus Fear Tactics

III. The Montana Social Norms Project

The Montana Model of Social Norms Marketing
Montana Young Adult Phone Survey
An Initial MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving Campaign

IV. A High-Intensity Social Norms Media Intervention

Establishing an Experimental Design
Selecting the Campaign Target Area
Sampling Frame Selection, Survey Methodology, & Collection of Data
Selection of Message
Media Placement and Exposure

V. Results of the Media Intervention

Evaluating a Social Norms Media Campaign
Social Norms Campaign Message Exposure
Unprompted Recall
Prompted Recall
Campaign Impact on Perceived Norms of Peers
Campaign Impact on Personal Attitudes and Behaviors

VI. Discussion of Results

VII. Conclusions and Implications

VIII. Recommendations for Future Research

IX. Appendix: Montanans Are Ready for a .08 BAC Law by Jeff Linkenbach

X. References

Author Notes