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Alcohol Involvement in Fatal Crashes
Sanctions That Work Best
Treatment Approaches That Work Best
Characteristics of A Good Treatment Program
DWI Courts
Screening And Brief Interventions
DWI Sentencing Checklist


I. Introduction

Extent of the Problem
Who Are the DWI Offenders?
Who Are the Repeat DWI Offenders?
Significance of Blood Alcohol Concentration
Reducing Recidivism

II. Sentencing

The Objectives of Sentencing
Considerations in Sentencing
Factors Influencing Risk for Recidivism
Evaluating the Offender

III. Specific Sanctions and Remedies

Sanctioning the Offender
    Weekend Intervention
    Dedicated Detention/Special DWI Facilities
Incapacitating the Vehicle
    Ignition Interlocks
    Other Immobilization Devices
    License Suspension
    Administrative License Suspension
    Vehicle Impoundment and Forfeiture and Other Vehicle-Based Sanctions
Additional/Innovative Sentencing Approaches

IV. Rehabilitation Options for Offenders Sentenced To Treatment

Education Programs
Treatment Programs
    Use of Medications
    Diversion Programs
    Alcoholics Anonymous

V. Compliance

How Common Is Noncompliance?
Sanctioning Options for Noncompliance

VI. Sentencing Support and Research Needs

VII. Conclusion

DWI Sentencing Checklist

VIII. References