Definition of EMS for this Document
Federal Agencies Can Help Advance EMS Research
Executive Summary
History of EMS Research
The Present State of EMS Research
Overcoming the Barriers to EMS Research
Appendix A: The National EMS Research Agenda Writing Team
Appendix B: Organizations Invited to Participate in the National Review Team
Appendix C: Ethical Standards and IRB Requirements
Appendix D Inclusion Of Women And Minorities In Research Study Populations Involving Human Subjects
Inclusion Of Children As Participants In Research Involving Human Subjects
Appendix E: Bibliographic List of Internet Links
Appendix F: Published EMS Randomized Clinical Trials

Definition of EMS for this Document

Emergency medical service is widely regarded as including the full spectrum of emergency care from recognition of the emergency, telephone access of the system, provision of prehospital care, through definitive care in the hospital. It often also includes medical response to disasters, planning for and provision of medical coverage at mass gatherings, and interfacility transfers of patients. However, for the purposes of this document, the definition of EMS is limited to the more traditional, colloquial meaning: prehospital health care for patients with real or perceived emergencies from the time point of emergency telephone access until arrival and transfer of care to the hospital.