Child Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings


Are All Seats Safe?
All car seats rated by NHTSA meet Federal Safety Standards & strict crash performance standards. While all rated seats are safe, they do differ in their ease of use in four basic catagories:


Evaluation of Instructions

Vehicle Installation Features

Evaluation of Labels

Securing the Child


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Britax Frontier ClickTight (FF)



Manufacturer  /  Model NameBritax Frontier ClickTight
Model Number  /  Manufacture DateE9LY79T  /  Jun 1, 2018
Harness Type5-pt
Weight  /  Height25lb - 90lb / 30" - 58"
Evaluation of Labels 5 stars
The tether is not labeled in the illustrations depicting acceptable modes of installation.
Evaluation of Instructions 4 stars
No complete illustration of a child in the CRS is shown next to height/weight information. In the section summarizing acceptable methods of installation, the car seat is not depicted in a vehicle seat and the tether is not labeled. The indication that the rear seat is the safest place in the vehicle for children is located among unrelated warnings in a bulleted list.
Securing the Child 5 stars
When converting to forward-facing mode, there are multiple steps to follow, but they are simple operations. Loose parts may be generated when disassembling for cleaning.
Installation Features 5 stars
LATCH attachments have buttons to depress for removal.
Overall Ease of Use Rating 5 stars

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