Each State in cooperation with its political subdivisions should have a program to assure that all traffic courts in it complement and support local and statewide traffic safety objectives. The program should provide at least that:

  1. All convictions for moving traffic violations should be reported to the State traffic records system.

  2. Program Recommendations.

    In addition the State should take appropriate steps to meet the following recommended conditions:

    1. All individuals charged with moving hazardous traffic violations are required to appear in court.

    2. Traffic courts are financially independent of any fee system, fines, costs or other revenue such as posting or forfeiture of bail or other collateral resulting from processing violations of motor-vehicle laws.

    3. Operating procedures, assignment of judges, staff and quarters insure reasonable availability of court services for alleged traffic offenders.

    4. There is a uniform accounting system regarding traffic violation notices, collection of fines, fees, and costs.

    5. There are uniform rules governing court procedures in traffic cases.

    6. There are current manuals and guides for administration, court procedures, and accounting.