Section 405 Legislation

    Highway Safety Act of 1966

    23 USC Chapter 4

    Revision June 1998

    § Section 405.  Occupant protection incentive grant. 

    (a) General authority.

    (b) Grant eligibility. A State shall become eligible for a grant under this section by adopting or demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Secretary at least 4 of the following:

    (c) Grant amounts. The amount of a grant for which a State qualifies under this section for a fiscal year shall equal up to 25 percent of the amount apportioned to the State for fiscal year 1997 under section 402.

    (d) Administrative expenses. Funds authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section in a fiscal year shall be subject to a deduction not to exceed 5 percent for the necessary costs of administering the provisions of this section.

    (e) Applicability of Chapter 1 [23 USCS §§ 101 et seq.]. The provisions contained in section 402(d) shall apply to this section.

    (f) Definitions. In this section, the following definitions apply: