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Is your child in the right seat?

The greatest safety benefit for your child in a vehicle comes from the right use of car seats. Parents and caregivers want to protect their children, but too many are not using the right seats based on their children's age and size (both height and weight). Others move their children into the next level of protection too soon, and some do not insist on restraints as their children get older.

Car seats and seat belts help to keep you and your children in your seats during a crash. In a crash, you and your children will fare better if you stay in the right position so that your vehicle's safety systems can work as intended. Of those children under 15 who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2011, 4 in 10 were unrestrained at the time of the crashes. Those unrestrained children are more likely to be ejected from the vehicles during crashes, and children who are ejected are less likely to survive a crash.

Children don't wear adult clothing because adult clothing doesn't fit properly – and neither do adult seat belts. Children need extra occupant protection specially designed for their size and age to provide the best safety in a vehicle.

Children should ride in the back seat until they are 13.

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