Woman in the Mirror

Poor judgment does not discriminate by gender. Be responsible and don’t listen to the woman in the mirror. Find a sober ride home!

Maneja Sobrio (Party Rewind)

A classic drunk driving spot with a timeless message – you can’t hide it… if you drive drunk, you will get caught!

Man in the Mirror

You can’t trust yourself when you drink. Put the keys away and grab a sober friend, call a taxi, or take public transportation home.

Last Call 360

Two paths one night. Enjoy a night out with friends in the immersive and interactive Last Call 360 web experience. Explore the bar to play games and have conversations. Keep exploring to see where the night takes you. Check it out now at nhtsa.gov/lastcall.

Get Involved

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is leading the effort to stop drunk driving. Do your part!

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