Thought Starters for Promotional Activities

  • Work with local and/or state banks to place CIOT messaging at their ATMs and drive-through tellers.

poster on ATM machine     poster on ATM machine

  • Partner with local automobile dealers to showcase posters in their sales and service departments.
  • Approach local convenience store owners to secure poster placement in their stores. Use outdoor trash receptacles, gas car washes, doorways, etc. (See example--we should have the trash can and car wash artwork here.

poster on car wash station      poster on car wash station    poster on trash can

  • Contact your local DMV offices to ask for their support by placing posters in their waiting areas.
  • Use the "Click It or Ticket" logo treatment to create payroll stuffers that may be distributed to local employees. This could easily be accomplished through email to large area employers to distribute with payroll in mid-May.
  • Work with your local colleges/universities to place posters in dorms, class hallways, etc.
  • Partner with a local safety organization and billboard vendor to place billboards throughout your community.