Tips on Using these Spanish Materials

The Click It or Ticket materials in Spanish have been created to provide marketing material tools and templates you can tailor and distribute to fit the needs of your local Hispanic community, or when partnering with other organizations and states. This planner incorporates the enforcement message in the form of creative pieces and earned media to fit your campaign needs.

The core target for this planner is Hispanic males ages 18 to 34, who are recent immigrant/newly arrived and non-acculturated into the American mainstream. This audience speaks, reads, and writes primarily or almost always in Spanish. The best way to reach the target is through their community-based organizations, health care organizations, and churches. With language as a barrier, as well as a mistrust of authority, the best way to ensure that your message is reaching them is to always connect with them where they live, work, play, and pray.

For your benefit, all creative materials (posters) below have been translated into English; just aim your cursor to the poster of interest. You can find more information about the Hispanic population in your area by visiting

Thought Starters for Promotional Activities

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Earned Media Materials
Press Release
Talking Points
Fact Sheet

Radio Spots
Baby Rasta and Gringo
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TV Spots

Buckle up or pay the consequences
Abróchate o Paga ...
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Seamless, Night & Day
... de Día y de Noche
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Creative Materials

Click on the image of interest for its corresponding high-resolution press-ready PDF file.
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