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Click It or Ticket (CIOT) Promotional Planner

The intent of this CIOT promotional planner is to provide you with marketing materials, earned media tools, and marketing ideas that you can distribute to fit your local needs and objectives while at the same time partnering with other states, communities, and organizations all across the country on this promotional program.

This planner includes messaging and templates that you may choose from to support your occupant protection initiatives surrounding the Click It or Ticket mobilization. The marketing materials and earned media tools available to you can be used in several capacities and all carry the Click It or Ticket theme to reinforce our message.

Please select, tailor, and distribute this planner in a way that best fits your local situation and objectives.

Thought Starters for Promotional Activities

Earned Media Materials
News Release
Talking Points
Fact Sheet
Op Ed
Logos (art work)
Media Materials - TV and Radio Spots
Click on the image of the TV ad of interest.
Big Monster Attacks Stuck with a ticket
Muscle Car Xtreme monster TV ad

Click on the link for a low-resolution online preview, or
click on its respective box to download the media material of interest.
Do not get stuck with a ticket. two teens in a pickup truck car going by
Seamless Night & Day
30-sec version box
15-sec version Download video.
Cop giving a ticket

image of house at night

Radio Announcements
(30-seconds 2MB MP3 files)
Friendly Rural Cop
30-sec version box
Not Visible
30-sec version box
Creative Materials