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SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition (COMVEC)
October 6-7, 2009
Kirk Allen Analysis of the Maintenance and Repair Expenses for the Anti-Lock Brake System for Tractors and Trailers
Frank S. Barickman NHTSA NHTSA VRTC HV Forward Collision Avoidance and Mitigation Research
Alrik L. Svenson, NHTSA Commercial Medium Tire Debris Study
Alrik L. Svenson, NHTSA Safety Benefits of RSC and ESC for Tractor Semitrailers
SAE Heavy Truck Handling, Dynamics & Control Symposium
May 2009
Alrik Svenson, NHTSA Development and Validation Of Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation for Studying Heavy Truck Stability Control Effectiveness
SAE Government / Industry Meeting
February 2009
Marilena Amoni, NHTSA Increasing Automotive Safety : Motor Vehicle Safety Trends Workshop
Rory A. Austin, NHTSA Expanding the Definition of Nonoccupants: Results of the First Year of NiTS
Frank Barickman, NHTSA
Devin Elsasser , NHTSA
NHTSA Heavy Vehicle Test Track Research
John Brophy, NHTSA Update on NHTSA's Special Crash Investigations: Back Over Crashes
Art Carter, NHTSA The Advanced Crash Avoidance Technologies Program
Matthew Craig, NHTSA Pediatric Injury Criteria and Response Research
Dr. W. Riley Garrott, NHTSA
Elizabeth N. Mazzae, NHTSA
Methodology for Measuring the Ability of Convex Mirrors to Improve Rear Visibility
John Harding, NHTSA Advanced Crash Avoidance Technologies (ACAT) GM-VTTI Backing Countermeasure Project
Barbara Hennessey, NHTSA Alternative Fuel Vehicles – NHTSA’s Approach to Fuel System Safety
Harold Herrera, NHTSA NHTSA's Rollover Data Special Study (RODSS) Methodology
Charles Hott, NHTSA Motorcoach Roof Crush/Rollover Motorcoach Roof Crush/Rollover Testing
Clint Lindsay, NHTSA Recommended Best Importer Practices to Enhance the Safety of
Imported Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment
Allison Louden, NHTSA NHTSA’s Initial Evaluation of Child Side Impact Protection – Update
Allison Louden , NHTSA 50th Male Male WorldSID Test Results in FMVSS 214 Test Conditions & ES-2re Comparisons
Ronald Medford, NHTSA NHTSA Agency Activities
Cheryl Neverman, NHTSA The Current State of Ignition Interlocks Program Overview - Research to Practice
Christina Stelmack Smith, Alpha Technology Associates, Inc. NHTSA’s CRS Ease of Use Rating Program
Jim Stricklin, TRC
Dan Rhule, NHTSA
Biofidelity Analysis of WorldSID and ES-2re
Rajesh Subramanian, NHTSA Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities: Based on The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)
Aloke Prasad, NHTSA
Michael Sword, NHTSA
NHTSA Seat Belt Testing for Motorcoach Safety

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