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Forward Vision:

NHTSA is investigating the effects of A pillar designs on crash risk as well as the safety value of Night vision systems.

Night Vision
Lighting system improvements to increase driver vision at night are limited by the concurrent need to avoid blinding other drivers and reducing their ability to see the road. Therefore other methods of increasing driver night vision (NV) capability have been developed that do not affect the vision of other drivers at night. NV systems based on infrared (IR) technology have been developed by some manufacturers who have offered them as options on their production vehicles. NHTSA is currently preparing to conduct a simulator study on IR NV warning systems to investigate the effectiveness of a NV system with automatic warning in eliciting appropriate driver avoidance behaviors to detect pedestrians and road hazards.


Rear Vision:

NHTSA is conducting research to measure the direct visibility from vehicles as well as the capabilities of vehicle technologies aimed to augment rear visibility.


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