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Enhanced Seatbelt Reminder Systems:

With the goal of increasing safety belt use, automobile manufacturers have designed a variety of reminder systems to alert drivers and front seat passengers that their belt is not being worn.  These warning extend beyond the FMVSS 108 requirement and vary in implementation (e.g., presence and type of auditory or visual characteristics) and duration. 

The goal of the enhanced seat belt reminder system project is to investigate the effectiveness and acceptability of these systems on seat belt use.  The evaluation will look at the effectiveness and acceptability of these systems, including specific system characteristics.  The project will also include a separate evaluation of teen drivers and their acceptance of such systems


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Child Seat Use:

Child safety seats are a form of protection most effective for young children in motor vehicles. Common misuses such as loose harnesses, improper attachment, and incorrect recline angles contribute to the difficulty with installing child safety seats. An observational pilot study was conducted to examine child safety seat errors during novice installation.

Our current study focuses on novice installation in cars with the LATCH system. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the design of the CSS and how current vehicles and child seats could be enhanced to be even more effective. Identifying the common error points during child seat installation can lead us to understand the underlying factors that contribute to these errors


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