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HYBRID III 3-Year Old    

Description of Dummy Features
The Hybrid III Three-Year-Old child (H-III3C) dummy was designed to be used in testing child restraints and assessing the injury risks associated with air bag interactions. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the H-III3C design are biofidelic head, biofidelic segmented neck with a steel cable to limit elongation and biofidelic thorax including ribs made of 1095 steel for increased durability, upper and lower rib guides to limit vertical movement of the ribs and sternum-to-spine bumpers to prevent instrumentation damage caused by metal-to-metal contact in the event of severe chest deflection. As the dummy was intended to be used while properly restrained in child restraint systems as well as out-of-position with air bags, the dummy's pelvis allows sitting, standing and kneeling postures.

Comparison of Weight Table
Comparison of Weight, Sitting Height, and Stature for HYBRID III Family
  12 mo CRABI 3 YO Child 6 YO Child 5% Female 50% Male
Weight (lbs.) 22.0 34.1 51.6 108.0 172.3.0
Stature (in.) 29.4 37.2 45.0 59.1 69.0
Sitting Height (in) 18.9 21.5 25.0 31.0 34.8

Segmented Weights
Segment and Assembly Weight of the HYBRID III 3 Year Old
Part Weight (lb)
Head Assembly 5.92
Neck Assembly 1.65
Torso Assembly with Jacket 14.42
Upper Arm 0.93
Lower Arm and Hand 1.05
Upper Leg 2.13
Lower Leg 1.34
Foot 0.60
Total Dummy Weight 34.09

Dimensions of the HYBRID III 3 Year Old
Dimension Description Specifications (inches)
Erect Sitting Height 21.50
Shoulder Pivot Height 13.15
Hip Pivot Height 1.75
Hip Pivot from Back-line 2.44
Shoulder Pivot from Back-line 3.00
Thigh Clearance 3.39
Back of Elbow to Finger Tip 10.04
Head Back from Back-line 2.03
Shoulder to Elbow Length 7.60
Elbow Rest Height 5.56
Buttock to Knee Length 11.61
Popliteal Height 9.25
Knee Pivot Height 9.81
Buttock Popliteal Length 8.88
Chest Depth without Jacket 4.60
Foot Length 5.62
Stature 37.20
Buttock to Knee Pivot Length 9.88
Head Breadth 5.35
Head Depth 6.89
Hip Breadth 7.68
Shoulder Breadth 9.61
Foot Breadth 2.31
Head Circumference 20.0
Chest Circumference w/ Jacket 21.25
Waist Circumference 21.25

Instrumentation Capabilities of the H-III 3 year Old
Instrumentation # of Channels
Head x, y, z (2) accelerometers 4
Upper Thoracic Spine x, y, z - accelerometers 3
Middle Thoracic Spine x, y, z, - accelerometers 3
Lower Thoracic Spine x, y, z, - accelerometers 3
Upper Sternum x, - accelerometers 1
Lower Sternum x, - accelerometers 1
Lower Spine Box x, - accelerometers 1
Pelvis x, y, z -accelerometers 3
Thorax x displacement - rotary potentiometer 1
Upper Neck x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Lower Neck x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Lumbar x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine 2 x, forces 4
Acetabulum 2 y, forces 2
Pubic x, z, forces 2
Shoulder 2 x, z, , forces 4
Total number of channels 50

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