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The CIREN Program has its origin based on a recommendation from the National Academy of Sciences in their 1985 publication “Injury in America”. Among the recommendations detailed in this book was the request to have injury studied in cooperation by a multidisciplinary group consisting of experts from engineering, medicine and other appropriate professions. This multidisciplinary approach is the keystone of the CIREN program. CIREN teams act in four capacities throughout the course of the program –
  • Sentinel - Initial detection of environmental, technical or human factors that are related to injury causation in motor vehicle crashes
  • Data Collection – Routine collection of over 1,000 data points on every crash investigated; detailed data on occupant injury, vehicle damage and restraint technology and crash environment
  • Expert Review – Each CIREN case is reviewed together by both medical and engineering professionals, along with the crash investigator, to determine injury causation and data accuracy
  • Research Catalyst – CIREN researchers are also frontline caregivers and crash lab experts who can generate research endeavors that are directly related to the current medical, socio-economic and technical issues being experienced in the field.
An Overview of CIREN

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