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CIREN electronic cases


The CIREN database consists of multiple discrete fields of data concerning severe motor vehicle crashes, including crash reconstruction and medical injury profiles. Personal and location identifiers and highly sensitive medical information have been removed from the public files to protect patient confidentiality. CIREN cases, extending back to 1996, for which coding and quality control have been completed, are available for public viewing. Additional cases are released to the public as they become available.

The following case filters can search the available CIREN cases by using an array of variables to allow for specific cases to be retrieved. The filters include vehicle based criteria such as make, model and model year of the case vehicle. Vehicle damage criteria like crash type, angle of impact, change in velocity and rollover status are searchable. Occupant data including seating position, age, height, weight and gender of the case occupant can be used for specifying case types. Occupant injury data based on body region injured, injury severity or actual injury code may also be used to view applicable cases.


CIREN data sets

The CIREN public data set contains cases with crash dates between June 1, 2005 and December 31, 2014 that have undergone the complete quality control process. A portion of the data is provided in SAS files similar to those prepared for National Automotive Sampling System – Crashworthiness Data System (NASS-CDS) annual releases, though several CIREN-specific SAS files have been created to disseminate the additional occupant and injury causation data that CIREN collects. The data files are provided with a CIREN data dictionary to facilitate their use, though users may also require NASS-CDS Analytical User’s Manual(s) to fully comprehend the data.
  • CIREN data files  (downloadable ZIP file)
    ZIP file posted 12/30/2015 with Data Dictionary v1.2 applicable to the 2015 data release 

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