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Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications for Safety is the dynamic wireless exchange of data between nearby vehicles that offers the opportunity for significant safety improvements. By exchanging anonymous, vehicle-based data regarding position, speed, and location (at a minimum), V2V communications enable a vehicle to: sense threats and hazards with a 360-degree awareness of the position of other vehicles and the threat or hazard they present; calculate risk; issue driver advisories or warnings; and take preemptive action to avoid and mitigate crashes. At the heart of V2V communications is a basic application known as the "Here I Am" data message. This message can be derived using either non-vehicle-based technologies such as GPS to identify a vehicle's location and speed, or vehicle-based sensor data wherein the location and speed data is derived from the vehicle's computer and is combined with other data such as latitude, longitude, or angle to produce a richer, more detailed situational awareness of the position of other vehicles.
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