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NHTSA periodically requests future product plan information from auto manufacturers to help the agency in its CAFE rulemaking analyses. The agency uses manufacturers' highly detailed responses to learn more about future vehicle offerings, future technologies, and manufacturers' forecasts of those technologies' costs and effectiveness, among other things. These responses are one of many sources of information that NHTSA may consider in developing CAFE standards for passenger cars and light trucks in future model years.

Product Plan Request for MYs 2010-2025
NHTSA recently submitted this product plan request for publication in the Federal Register. The links below contain a pre-publication version of the product plan request, the template that we request manufacturers use as part of their response, and sample data to aid manufacturers in understanding how to fill out the template.
>> For Passenger Cars and Trucks through MY 2025
>> Blank Template
>> Template with Sample Data

Older Product Plan Requests
>> For Passenger Cars and Trucks through MY 2020
>> For Passenger Cars and Trucks through MY 2017

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