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The NHTSA Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) is a federal research facility. Staff at VRTC conduct research and vehicle testing in support of NHTSA's mission to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce traffic-related health care and other economic costs. Research performed covers the areas of Crash Avoidance, Crash Worthiness, and Biomechanics. These research and development activities produce safer vehicles through improved vehicle performance, improved occupant protection systems, improved structural integrity of vehicles, increased understanding of driver behavior, and the use of intelligent systems to enhance drivers' ability to avoid crashes and travel safely. VRTC also conducts investigations into potential safety related defects in motor vehicles in support of the Office of Defects Investigation.

Research in progress:

  • Support Services for NHTSA Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC)
  • Anthropomorphic Dummies, Dummy Parts, and Instrumentation

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