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The 2008 National Survey of Drinking and Driving Attitudes and Behaviors was composed of a single questionnaire administered to a sample of randomly selected individuals 16 and older, with ages 16 through 24 over-sampled. The respondents were asked about their drinking behavior, their drinking and driving behavior, use of designated drivers, their hosting events in which drinking occurred, risks they perceive associated with drinking and driving, experience with anti-DWI enforcement activity, and their attitudes concerning major intervention strategies.

The survey was administered from September 10, 2008 to December 22, 2008. A total of 6,999 respondents completed the survey, including 5,392 landline interviews and 1,607 cell phone interviews. The total number of completed interviews for each of the four Census regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) was 1,409, 1,654, 2,390, and 1,546, respectively.

An SPSS database file and 3 SAS files are provided. Among the SAS files,

For those database users who chose not to develop their own weights when working with the data, two weighting variables are provided:

Normalized weight: This variable contains the survey weights to be used for generating weighted estimates. The weights are normalized in the sense that they add up to the actual sample size of 6999 respondents.

Proj_wt: This is also a variable containing the survey weights. It is essentially the same weight variable (normalized weight) except that it adds up to the estimated population size of about 232 million. So, it is rescaled to a different total. Estimates like population means and proportions will be the same irrespective of what sets of weights (normalized or projected) are used. However, for estimating population aggregates like estimated number of the 16 and older population who drink and drive, the use of projected_wt will be necessary.

In addition to the data file, the following files are provided:

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