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Riders Helping Riders (RHR) is an instructional program designed to encourage motorcyclists to intervene to prevent drinking and riding by their motorcyclist peers. The program is based on focus group research which found that riders consider themselves to be united by an interest in riding, and willing to help other riders in need, but that a sense of individualism limits the extent to which riders are willing to intervene in drinking and riding.

RHR is intended to convince motorcyclists that an impaired rider needs their help, and that they are in the best position to provide help.The program provides a "toolkit" of techniques for separating drinking from riding, discouraging riders from becoming impaired, recognizing impairment, and discouraging impaired riders from riding. An optional role-playing module is included. At the end of class, students are asked to sign a pledge to do their best to help an impaired rider live to ride another day.

RHR was developed with the assistance of instructors from the South Carolina Rider Education Program and pilot tested by instructors of Georgia's Department of Driver Services, Motorcycle Safety Program.

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