The new Law Enforcement Personnel Allocation Model (PAM) is now available directly from NHTSA’s website.  Agencies can now download and install the system 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently updated the first PAM, produced in the early 1990s and published in hard copy, manual formats.  Previous models were designed for use by local, county, and State law enforcement agencies and had a manual to address each different type of agency.  The updated model has been converted to an automated format using Access software, and organized so it is effective with agencies of any size or configuration. 

New Model Provides Strategic Planning
The new model will automatically do all of the calculations to arrive at appropriate staffing level information through the user loading in localized or “autonomous patrol area” (APA) data.  The updated model, produced by Anacapa Sciences, takes into consideration a variety of factors that impact staffing and coverage concerns that make the Personnel Allocation Model a valuable tool for police executives, managers, and planners.

Get Your Free Copy
The Police Allocation Model is available for downloading at no cost.  To use the model, users will first need to download the files onto their desktop or laptop computers.  The files are available via NHTSA’s FTP server for direct download. 

Technical Requirements
The PAM program is a Windows based application that does not require any special equipment.  It was developed to be accessible and run on any PC computer with at least a 386 mhz central processing unit. The program is a “run-time” version of Access, however it is not necessary to have Access software to run the program.

To Download PAM
The download is a self-extracting zip file (36MB), which includes a user guide that addresses all of the applications of the model.  Once unzipped, double click on “Setup.exe” to install and follow the directions in the program. User instructions for the Personnel Allocation Model are imbedded in the program.

Follow these easy steps to download the file:

  • Step 1 - Click at the associated file (below) and click RUN

  • Step 2 - Change the location of the files to be saved to c:\My Documents

  • Step 3 - Click UNZIP

  • Step 4 - Once all the files are downloaded, go to the newly created folder C:\My Documents\PAM and double click on "Setup.exe"