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Over the years, NHTSA has used a numbering system for assigning and tracking publications and reports that were produced by the Agency and made available to the public. While numbers were assigned at the start of project, in many cases the corresponding products may have been canceled or never begun. This situation has produced gaps in the sequential numbering system.

NHTSA is providing a list of all products that were assigned a DOT-HS number and produced. Also, when possible, links to a digital version of that product are provided. In some cases, depending on when it was produced, those links are to digital copies that are outside of NHTSA's control. In other cases, depending on age, no digital copies were produced, or have been located.

The pdf document linked under the Additional Resources box on the right of this page contains the listing of DOT-HS numbered products that the Agency has verified as having been produced. Where gaps exist in the sequence, it should be assumed that products were not produced for those DOT-HS numbers.

Periodically, NHTSA will update this list. Interested parties can receive an email notification when the page is updated by clicking here to subscribe.

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